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A quick guide to selling a Marbella property

When you are considering selling your Marbella property, you want a real estate agent that embraces integrity as a core business value. Winkworth, as a well-established British company has an outstanding track record in serving its clients with honesty, diligence and always with integrity.

We do not try to cut corners by turning a blind eye to sharp practice, and that is why we observe the letter of the law when it comes to selling a property in Spain. So, let us briefly explain here what we need sellers to provide us with before we list a Marbella property for sale.

Spain, as many overseas residents are aware, is somewhat different to the UK and other northern European countries in the documentation it requires for a legal sale. Sellers must have these documents readily available in advance of the property being listed. They are not difficult to obtain, and having them will ensure that a sale goes through without the problems that are likely to ensue if they are not to hand.

Documents needed for the sale of a property in Spain
First, a copy of the owner’s passport and NIE ID document are required. You will also need a copy of the most recent Nota Simple. This is a report from the Property Registry that shows whether there are debts outstanding on the home either for unpaid taxes or mortgages.

The next document needed is the Escritura, or Title Deed. This is the deed held by the Land Registry showing ownership, and must have been signed and sealed by a Notary.

Vendors will also need to show their latest receipts for community fees, as well as the annual IBI, which is the municipal tax levied on every property according to the rateable value. It is similar to council tax, and additionally you will have to show payment of the ‘Basura’, a charge that covers rubbish collection.

Finally, you will require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which rates a property according to the efficiency of its consumption of electricity, water and gas. This article from Spanish Property Insight explains the EPC law and the process of obtaining a certificate.

To complete the documentation, sellers also need a signed sales agreement with the agent representing them for the property sale.

By engaging Winkworth for the sale of your Marbella property, you can be sure of the best service, and one that complies with Spain’s property laws. Please contact us for any assistance and advice if you are considering selling your Marbella property.