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A window of opportunity for British homebuyers in Spain

Almost upon us, Brexit is fast becoming a reality, but if you thought it’s too late to acquire a foothold in a European Union country, with all the advantages and freedom of movement that entails, then fortunately you’re wrong.

You see, there is time, as Britain and the European Union are still in a period of transition that will last until the end of this year. During this phase, Britons who acquire a property in an EU member country such as Spain will still be entitled to the same rights and reciprocal agreements that existed during the UK’s membership of the European Union.

For a lot of British people, this represents a rare opportunity and in many ways the best of both worlds, as they lose none of their British rights and citizenship but gain a foothold within the multination European Union, allowing them to work, live and move around freely, as well as of course owning property, setting up businesses and earning their income here.

The advantages that property ownership entitles you to

If you buy a Spanish property between now and December 31st, you fall under the conditions of the Withdrawal Agreement, which ensures entitlement to the same rights and benefits as all those people who bought Spanish property in the years and decades that came before.

This includes not only residency, but also for your pension to be paid out here, British qualifications and certificates to be recognised, and most importantly, you will have access to free state medical care in a country where the local version of the NHS is very highly rated.

The procedure for obtaining an NIE number, residency and then free medical coverage is quite straightforward but requires several clear steps. Contact Winkworth Marbella for more details on buying property on the Costa del Sol and the procedures involved in getting that foothold in Europe.