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Aloha College

Aloha College offers a British-style education for the international community, at the same time offering education in Spanish language and culture, enabling students to gain qualifications from both the British and Spanish examination systems.

The School was founded in 1982 by six teachers, at the behest of local and expatriate families, who invested their own money in what was then and is to this day a not-for-profit-making project. The school has grown from the 210 pupils of then to approximately 750 currently and from one small building which housed everyone to the present 23,000 m2 of buildings and sport/recreational areas.


  • The student code of conduct is based on the values of respect for others, oneself, for property and for the environment.
  • Students come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, and friendships are forged which last a lifetime and promote tolerance and understanding worldwide.
  • Nationality, race or religion are no longer an issue.

Mission Statement
“To prepare our students for university education worldwide and for them to be confident, well balanced individuals in today’s international society.”