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How Brexit is benefitting property owners in Spain

The worst was expected by many Britons soon after the result of the recent EU referendum was announced, amid worries about the prospect of stifled economic growth, diminished trade relationships and a hefty depreciation in the value of sterling.

The pound has indeed dropped greatly in value, with a strong decrease occurring from 22nd June onwards. The current exchange rate from pounds to Euros at the time of writing is £1 to €1.11. British holidaymakers could find vacationing abroad much more expensive, but this drastic drop in value does mean good news for those looking to repatriate from Spain to the UK.

Spanish property represents an increasingly great safety net

The odds are high that if you bought property in Spain between 2005 and the Brexit vote, you will now be sitting on a much more valuable investment as a result of the UK electorate’s decision to leave the EU.

The result of the vote has led to the creation of a safety net for British property owners in Spain because as the pound continues to depreciate against the Euro, those who may wish to return to the UK can enjoy a great return on their investment. Their potential profit will grow significantly when the effects of the pound’s steady decline are combined with ever-heightening Spanish house prices.

Repatriating to the UK will bring a great return if you sell your Spanish property to fellow Britons, and due to the popularity of Spanish property and the recent boom experienced by the Spanish property market, it has now become a great time for investors to both sell and buy.

Even with the Brexit vote, Spain’s property market is doing very well, with the popularity of property for sale in the Costa del Sol, Marbella and many other Spanish regions increasing rapidly after a long period of stagnation.

With the help of Winkworth, expatriates and property investors are able to find a myriad of luxurious Spanish properties with stunning vistas, pools and plenty of room for guests at an affordable price.

Market your Spanish home to greatest advantage with Winkworth

Here at Winkworth, we can provide you with an accurate valuation of your home and help to ensure that it stands out to prospective buyers, thereby enabling you to capitalise on the decline of sterling.

For those buyers, meanwhile, Winkworth offers a strong assortment of lavish and charming villas, penthouses and apartments in Spain that also hold great potential to shoot up in value in the years ahead.

For more information about our valuation services and available properties, you can call us from both Spain and England for a talk with a member of our highly experienced, professional and capable staff team.