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Christmas in Marbella

What to do at Christmas in Marbella?

For many of our Northern European neighbours, outdoor options are limited at this time of year due to the cold and intemperate weather. Those of us lucky enough to live in Marbella, however, find that we have a huge variety of outdoor activities available to us, and while the temperatures are cooler than the baking summer months, this means that many activities can be much more pleasant to undertake.

Walk up La Concha
Getting to the summit of this iconic mountain that backdrops Marbella can be all but impossible in the summer. The high temperatures and blazing sun means the risk of dehydration is never far away. The cooler winter months however mean that walking up the 1,200 metre mountain is much more pleasant. Start at the Refugio de Juanar and follow the signs. The views from the top are well worth the effort!

Go skiing in the Sierra Nevada
Many find it hard to believe, but it is entirely possible to be on the beach in Marbella in the morning and skiing in the afternoon. Just past Granada, this ski station offers skiing for all the family as well as a good selection of hotels and self-catering should you not want to dash back for the evening.

Visit the lights in Málaga
Fast becoming a favourite at this time of year, the whole of the pedestrianised Calle Larios is festooned with stunning illuminations that are set to music for a twice-nightly show. While you’re there, take a wander around the Muelle Uno pier, which has been totally renovated and now features many shops, bars and restaurants offering seasonal specialities.

Follow the Nativity Scene Route (Ruta de Belenes)
The nativity scene is a huge tradition in Spain and most homes will have their own scene depicting Jesus in the manger (who will not appear until Christmas Eve) surrounded by the wise men as well as Mary and Joseph – and more often than not a diverse cast of shepherds, villagers and various other characters associated with the nativity. Most town halls will display for the public a beautiful scene with running water and wells, flickering fires and woodcutters chopping wood – amongst many other delightful scenes.

This is just a small selection of the attractions to be found in the area over the holiday period – confirming that Marbella is not just a summer holiday destination!