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Costa del Sol Housing Market Trends 2022

Considering a move to the Costa del Sol this year? Here’s what to expect:

  • Higher Expat Populations: Spain has always been a popular holiday spot but it continues to grow too as a popular place to live full-time, meaning there are more expats than ever moving to the Costa del Sol. So if the thought of living in Spain appeals to you but are nervous about language barriers, major cultural differences, or missing out on the things you love from home, don’t be. And if you are looking for a completely new change of scenery, a place to practice your Spanish, and get yourself immersed in a whole new culture, you can find that here, too! Much of it can depend on the area you choose to buy your Costa del Sol home in, so take advantage of the local experts at Winkworth to discuss what you’re looking for so they can give you first-hand knowledge of where to look when searching for your property in Spain.
  • Steady Property Prices: Despite worst-case scenario predictions following Covid, the property market is remaining steady on the Costa del Sol. That’s not to say there’s not some real bargains out there, especially when compared to house prices in the UK or elsewhere! And the best way to snag a bargain, no matter what your budget? Have someone local and in the know on your side like the estate agents at Winkworth Spain who have all the community connections you can use to your advantage!
  • Low Interest Rates: If you’re looking at a mortgage to purchase your home on the Costa del Sol, you’ll be happy to hear that interest rates continue to remain low, with the 12-month Euribor at -0.32%, making buying a home in Spain quite affordable. And if you know you need a mortgage to make your new home in Spain a reality but don’t know where to start, Winkworth Spain can help there, too, with mortgage advice, translations, and more. We’ll do everything we can to make your home-buying experience the easiest, most stress-free one possible.
  • New Builds Galore: There’s a big boom in new construction on the Costa del Sol, which means there’s a lot of incredible new properties you can invest in. Whether you’re looking for permanent family home, retirement home, holiday home, or even investment property, chances are you can find one you love in a new build, giving you the peace of mind of living in a Spanish home with solid construction (often with a warranty), lower running costs (lower cost AC in Spain? Yes, please!), and more freedom in your home’s interior design and layout. Newer community developments also usually have more amenities like community gardens, swimming pools, gyms, and more plus gated entry and/or on-site security, reserved parking and storage, concierge services, and other day-to-day perks.
  • Working From Home Acceptance: Unsurprisingly, working from home is a growing trend on the Costa del Sol and across Spain so if you’re looking for a home in Spain you can work from, you can rest assured there are plenty here on the Costa del Sol. Modern home offices are being included in an ever-increasing number of new builds and you can count on finding traditional homes for sale in Estepona, Marbella, and across the region kitted out with everything you need to work comfortably from home, including high-speed internet, easy transport links, and quiet working areas.

In short, if you’re considering a move to the Costa del Sol -be it for business or pleasure, permanent or holiday home living, now’s the time to do it! Investing in a home in Estepona, Marbella, Benahavis, Puerto Banus, Guadalmina, or elsewhere on the Costa del Sol is an emotionally easy decision to make, but we know that the logistics of it can be somewhat more complex, especially if house hunting from abroad, so the estate agents at Winkworth Spain are always here to help with anything you may need. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime to discuss what you’re looking for, your budget, and any questions you have about the area or the housing market here. As locals residents and real estate professionals we can and are more than happy to help with it all!