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El Paraiso resale opportunities

So much attention has been focused on Marbella’s new-build properties in recent years that resale, i.e. existing, properties have been sometimes overlooked. Of course, it is tempting to opt for a modern home with its contemporary architectural styling, open-plan living and high-tech features, but the strong demand for such properties also makes them more expensive – especially in top locations of Estepona and Marbella.

Resales homes therefore offer greater value – more home for your money – and in practice this means more square metres and often also a better location, as the best spots tend to be taken first. Buying a resale property therefore means a lower price per square metre, more space for your money and often a better location in a prime residential area.

All good and well, you may think, but homes built before this decade don’t offer the latest features. However, the right resale property can be modernised and brought right up to date – in terms of design and décor as well as technical amenities – with relatively little bother. Often, the combination of a prime location, modern décor and the charm of an existing home and mature garden is ideal.

When looking for a property with renovation potential it is important to select top locations in attractive residential areas, either close to the sea or overlooking golf courses, and El Paraiso in Estepona, is an established suburb dominated by its own golf club and located less than a kilometre from the sea – with excellent amenities and open country close by.

The area offers many properties with renovation potential, but when you look for one be sure that the setting is good and the home lends itself to easy renovation both inside and out. An established, mature garden with large trees is also ideal, and knocking down dividing walls will enable you to create spacious open-plan living areas.

A bit of creativity goes a long way in modernising living spaces, terraces, kitchens, bathrooms and also games rooms and the technical infrastructure of a property – plus it offers excellent investment potential – so contact us for the best resale property opportunities in El Paraiso.