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As a well-established British real estate company with a particularly strong position in the London market and also a great deal of experience on the Costa del Sol, Winkworth knows the relative position and dynamics of these two markets very well. We keep an eye on many of the indicators that influence it, such as currency exchange rates, price trends, legislation, economic growth, new flight routes and also tourist trends, and as a result remain up to date with the latest shifts and developments affecting these two countries and their real estate sectors.

British buyers have always been and continue to be the largest foreign market for property buyers in Spain and on the Costa del Sol, though Brexit has caused a once-preponderant market share of over 50% of all sales in and around Marbella to drop to around 15%. This is also due to the rise in interest among buyers and investors from other countries over the past 20 years, notably those from Scandinavia, Ireland, the Benelux, German and French-speaking countries, Russia and the Middle East.

Favourable conditions
Together, they now drive the demand for Costa del Sol property for sale and rent, and form an important market for British homeowners in the region looking to sell their homes and return to the UK. Since most of the uncertainty revolving around Brexit has come to an end, there has been a notable rise in enquiries from British buyers again, yet a good number of people who own homes here are still expressing an interest to put them on the market and cash euros in for pounds. No-one can predict future currency trends, but the overall expectation makes this a good time to consider putting your Spanish home on the market.

Property owners are getting ahead of any negative post Covid-19 impact on the economy, and listing their Marbella villas and apartments for sale with experienced real estate companies such as Winkworth, who know where British clients are coming from but also have a very well-established marketing network in all the leading markets in North-western Europe and beyond.

If you are interested in placing your Costa del Sol home for sale with a renowned British agency that is also represented in the Marbella area, then contact our team to see what we can do for you – we speak your language!