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Apartments Guadalmina Spain

Although there are many different types of properties available in Guadalmina one of the most popular types of purchases are apartments in Guadalmina.

The urbanisation has existed for many years so there are some older apartment blocks overlooking either of the 18-hole golf courses or the 9-hole course.

Guadalmina benefits from being on both sides of the main highway so there is always a choice of very different homes to choose from. On the beach side (Guadalmina Baja) there are apartments mixes in with villas and townshouses. Most apartments are located overlooking the golf course and as you head down to the beach you will find one of the original and still most sought after complexes, Parque del Sol.

On the Guadalmina Alta side most apartments again tend to overlook the golf course but each block differs from one another. One of the more popular complexes for investment apartments or holiday homes is known as Campos de Guadalmina, which is made up of multiple blocks close to the golf course.

Whatever type of apartment in Guadalmina you are looking for, as one of the main real estate agents located in the area, Winkworth is ready to help you find the right property.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Guadalmina, we are the agency to assist you!


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