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Estate agents are well known for being willing to try new things when it comes to marketing properties.  New technology is not exactly something that phases the industry, so the news that estate agents are starting to use drones for marketing purposes should come as no surprise.

There are a number of reasons as to why drones are proving themselves to be rather useful and clearly the main reason is that it gives the estate agent the ability to take some fantastic aerial footage of the property, both with photographs as well as video allowing a full showcase of the property.  According to  estate agents that have already started using the technology, the drones not only offer far better value for money compared to helicopters, but the quality of the footage is also far superior.

One other advantage that is often overlooked is the fact that they can be used anywhere without running into any problems and in most places you do need to get formal consent.  It is also worth noting that the software that is used to power these commercial drones is open to being customised, so by spending a bit of extra money it’s possible to get a drone to do exactly what you need it to.

Agents that have started to use drones have stated that it does make a real difference when it comes to showing the property to a potential buyer in 3D.  The buyer is not only able to get a completely different perspective of the property, but they will also have a far better understanding of its surrounding area and how it fits into its landscape, something that you will struggle to capture with more traditional methods, so clearly drones do indeed have their advantages.

The fact that a drone can also produce video footage is another major advantage as video allows the potential buyer to really feel that they are in the area whereas flat 2D photographs do require more imagination.  The amount of information that can be put across in a video is far superior to photographs, so the drone can, in effect, largely make the traditional brochure more obsolete than ever before.

With a drone you get a real sense of how special a property can be.  Can you imagine how difficult it would be to achieve that with photographs?

Using a drone does require some knowledge and you would need to know how to get the best shots and unfortunately people do tend to make one common mistake, which is shooting the roof far too much. Instead, the user should be looking at using a 45 degree angle as often as possible as this gives the perfect balance between home and gardens.  By shooting the tour correctly there is no doubt that the chances of a potential buyer then wanting to have a viewing will increase as they will already have a good feel about the property simply because of that drone footage.

Drones are indeed capable of changing how estate agents market properties.

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