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If you are purchasing a Spanish property from abroad, then most likely you will need to convert your local currency to the currency of Spain which is the Euro (€). The rates in the table below are of course an estimation and dont forget that there are usually broker fees when moving money from country to country. In all cases, please ask the advice of your lawyer or financial advisor before transferring money.

Disclaimer: The currency converter and exchange rates provided by Winkworth Spain is for illustration purposes only. It is meant only as an approximate conversion tool based on the latest information available to us and should not be relied upon for any other purposes.

Rates were last updated at 21/03/2019 10:34
Change base currency
ANG Netherlands Antilles Guilders (also called Florins) Netherlands Antilles Guilders (also called Florins) 2.07815
ARS Argentina Pesos Argentina Pesos 46.56458
AUD Australia Dollars Australia Dollars 1.59694
AWG Aruba Guilders (also called Florins) Aruba Guilders (also called Florins) 2.05178
BBD Barbados Dollars Barbados Dollars 2.27976
BMD Bermuda Dollars Bermuda Dollars 1.13988
BND Brunei Darussalam Dollars Brunei Darussalam Dollars 1.53975
BOB Bolivia Bolivianos Bolivia Bolivianos 7.85974
BRL Brazil Reais Brazil Reais 4.30361
BSD Bahamas Dollars Bahamas Dollars 1.13988
BZD Belize Dollars Belize Dollars 2.29592
CAD Canada Dollars Canada Dollars 1.51739
CLP Chile Pesos Chile Pesos 757.77146
CNY Hong Kong Dollars Hong Kong Dollars 7.62829
COP Colombia Pesos Colombia Pesos 3518.58032
CRC Costa Rica Coln Costa Rica Coln 679.73545
CUP Cuba Pesos Cuba Pesos 29.35185
DKK Denmark Kroner Denmark Kroner 7.46335
DOP Dominican Republic Pesos Dominican Republic Pesos 57.79750
EGP Egypt Pounds Egypt Pounds 19.70735
EUR Euro Euro 1.00000
FJD Fiji Dollars Fiji Dollars 2.41301
FKP Falkland Islands Pounds Falkland Islands Pounds 0.86604
GBP British Pound British Pound 0.86604
GGP Guernsey Pounds Guernsey Pounds 0.86604
GIP Gibraltar Pounds Gibraltar Pounds 0.86604
GYD Guyana Dollars Guyana Dollars 237.88432
ILS Israel New Shekels Israel New Shekels 4.10088
IMP Isle of Man Pounds Isle of Man Pounds 0.86604
INR India Rupees India Rupees 78.21841
IRR Iran Rials Iran Rials 47994.55109
JEP Jersey Pounds Jersey Pounds 0.86604
JMD Jamaica Dollars Jamaica Dollars 141.84638
JPY Japan Yen Japan Yen 125.89966
KHR Cambodia Riels Cambodia Riels 4557.30178
KPW North Korea Won North Korea Won 1025.88994
KRW South Korea Won South Korea Won 1286.40899
KYD Cayman Islands Dollars Cayman Islands Dollars 0.94948
LAK Laos Kips Laos Kips 9724.86371
LBP Lebanon Pounds Lebanon Pounds 1721.84228
LKR Sri Lanka Rupees Sri Lanka Rupees 203.00082
LRD Liberia Dollars Liberia Dollars 184.94456
MNT Mongolia Tugriks Mongolia Tugriks 2864.15416
MUR Mauritius Rupees Mauritius Rupees 39.24594
MXN Mexico Pesos Mexico Pesos 21.46373
NAD Namibia Dollars Namibia Dollars 16.45414
NGN Nigeria Nairas Nigeria Nairas 410.93731
NPR Nepal Rupees Nepal Rupees 124.66750
NZD New Zealand Dollars New Zealand Dollars 1.64787
OMR Oman Rials Oman Rials 0.43887
PEN Peru Nuevos Soles Peru Nuevos Soles 3.75373
PHP Philippines Pesos Philippines Pesos 60.04306
PKR Pakistan Rupees Pakistan Rupees 159.78236
QAR Qatar Rials Qatar Rials 4.15059
RUB Russia Rubles Russia Rubles 72.74266
SAR Saudi Arabia Riyals Saudi Arabia Riyals 4.27471
SBD Solomon Islands Dollars Solomon Islands Dollars 9.21958
SCR Seychelles Rupees Seychelles Rupees 15.57105
SEK Sweden Kronor Sweden Kronor 10.42317
SGD Singapore Dollars Singapore Dollars 1.53626
SHP Saint Helena Pounds Saint Helena Pounds 0.86604
SRD Suriname Dollars Suriname Dollars 8.50121
SVC El Salvador Colon El Salvador Colon 9.96931
SYP Syria Pounds Syria Pounds 587.02941
THB Thailand Baht Thailand Baht 36.10905
TRY Turkey New Lira Turkey New Lira 6.20886
TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollars Trinidad and Tobago Dollars 7.72467
TWD Taiwan New Dollars Taiwan New Dollars 35.12184
USD US Dollar US Dollar 1.13988
XCD East Caribbean Dollars East Caribbean Dollars 3.08069
ZAR South Africa Rand South Africa Rand 16.19881
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