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Last week the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, alongside Félix Romero, the Councillor for Transport, made an exciting and important announcement that benefits all of those in the Marbella municipality who are registered on the Padrón. Starting in 2019, everyone who is ‘empadronado’ – in other words registered – will be able to enjoy free bus travel on all of Marbella’s urban bus routes.

Marbella will invest around three million Euros annually to cover the initiative, which should get approval in November and will fall under the municipal budget of 2019. Residents who are ‘empadronado’ will be issued with a Municipal Mobility Card at a cost of 10€ that will last for two years and will be added to the other tickets already available to residents, such as the multi-journey ticket and the senior citizens’ gold card.

The mayor has indicated that the objective of this initiative is the promotion of public transport, although, as she has emphasised, this will most likely be accompanied by a significant increase in registration on the Padrón.  The town hall has for some time been trying to encourage more people to register, especially non-Spanish residents, as boosting the number of people registered is “something that will be very beneficial for the municipality.” As the town hall has explained before, the more people that are on the Padrón, the greater the amount of funding Marbella receives from the Autonomous Community of Andalucía.

The new Municipal Public Transport Regulatory Order sets out the obligations and rights of users, as well as of the company that provides the service. The councillor for transport said it creates a blueprint for an excellent local transport service, starting from the most basic fundamentals, and also indicates that there is room for improvement. Likely improvements to the service include fleet renewal and better service information for customers, a very positive new move that creates a viable alternative to hopping in the car and makes it easier to get around in Marbella.

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