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Due to the rock bottom value of the Euro, the lowest Euribor mortgage rates in history and the recovering property market in Spain resulting in hugely discounted property, Spain is once again the savvy buyers wisest investment opportunity.


Timing is paramount when you want to buy property in spain and according to us, the Spanish property Market is at one of its ripest levels.

Looking into the past several years, records show that the British Pound to Euro Sterling was 1.10 at March 2011. Since then, it has gained a 21% increase as of March 2015 to a full 1.41/1.42 against 1 Pound Sterling. What this means is that a property investment of 180,000 Pounds in 2011 is now available for 140,000 Pounds representing a significant saving of over 40,000 Pounds.

In addition, we have sourced information from The Bank of Spain, and due to the low level Euribor rates, variable rate mortgages have also fallen to a record low. This, along with the fact that the Euro is also currently at a record low, indicates that this is the perfect time to buy property in Spain.

Our Managing Director, Bernard Vent, shares the opinion with many other experts in the property industry that Spain currently offers the most value in regard to return on investment (ROI) for both potential new homeowners and other property investment enthusiasts/professionals.

There are very few, if any, markets outside of Spain throughout Europe that offer this high of an ROI.

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