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Las Chapas established in 1980 (Marbella), is characterised by its early stage pedagogical projects such as the Proyecto Principe, or the new Attendis iPad Project. Las Chapas is a bilingual centre authorised by the Junta de Andalucía for Pre-school, Primary and Secondary stages besides being an official Examination Centre for Trinity College and Cambridge University. In the school years 2013/2014 it was elected the 15th best school in Spain, for its internationality, according to EF-Education First.

The male school Ecos, is located for boys in Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate also located in Marbella.

The school offers their students a wide variety of extracurricular activities: foreign languages, music, theater, dance, new technologies, and sports… The majority of these activities take place during the afternoon break before the last two hours of school. They are all taught by experts in the different areas who permanently follow the students and reflect it on a monthly evaluation of the their progress, which is handed-out to the family.


To provide each student with a quality education, to look after all the individual dimensions from the Christian perception of life; help parents perform their role as main educators of their children; and promote the pedagogical innovation and investigation in profit of the whole educational sector. In this way they contribute to the improvement of the family as a basic institution as well as the society as a whole.


To be a recognised institution for its contribution to improve society, through an open and innovative Educational Project, which combines a high academic demand with the transmission of the human and Christian values.

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