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Now that the festive period is behind us many of us will have made New Year resolutions. If you’re considering selling your home in 2015 or if it is already on the market, the most important decision will have already been made, but don’t put off the prep work, resolve to get organised now!

Take a look at our handy list of hints and tips:

1. Get rid of all your unwanted clutter.
Ask yourself 3 questions:
a) Do I really need it?
b) Why am I keeping it?
c) Am I just keeping it for sentimental reasons?

Another popular method for de-cluttering is to apply the four box method which forces you to make a decision.

Take three boxes, or bags, and label them: ‘Keep and Use’, ‘Give Away or Sell’, ‘Keep and Store’, using the final one to throw away any broken or damaged items.

Go around your house and place each item into the appropriate box or bag.

2. Get packing right away!!
It might sound mad to start packing your things months in advance of your move, but you will need to do this anyway at some point so you may as well get things organised now.

3. Make improvements to your home!
For example, a coat of paint can do wonders to the appearance of your property. You don’t necessarily need to do any major, pricey renovation projects before you sell your property, but minor improvements and repairs will make your home look more attractive to buyers.

4. Stage your property.
Stand back and take a look at the way your house is being presented. Scour current home magazines for trends and accessory ideas, ask friends and family and, if necessary, find someone to stage your home for you.

5. Good images can make all the difference when trying to get people across the door to view your home.
Photographs can make your house look fantastic and are one of the most important steps in property marketing. We can help you by providing a professional photographer to take photos of your home.

Contact Winkworth Spain today for a no obligation assessment of your home and information about local market trends.

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