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One of the many things that we are asked about by those looking for houses for sale in the Costa del Sol is what locals and tourists alike tend to do in their spare time in this highly desirable area of Spain.

While it would take days to list every single appealing activity that can be enjoyed in the region, we can nonetheless provide a quick guide to the pastimes that are likely to define your life as a resident of the Costa del Sol.

Indulge in creature comforts

The Costa del Sol prides itself on being an area that offers a leisurely and laid-back approach to life. Although what defines this may be different for each individual, drinking, dining and exploring are key elements of the typical lifestyle in this area of Andalucia.

If culinary delights are your thing, the Costa del Sol has plenty of them on offer. Catering to all tastes – from Chinese and seafood to British pub grub – the Costa del Sol’s generous complement of restaurants helps to ensure that your appetite will be more than whetted as a resident here.

Local exploration opportunities, too, are plentiful, encompassing the likes of nature walks, museums and long strolls on the beach. While no part of the world necessarily ‘has it all’, the Costa del Sol would seem to come exceedingly close.

Feeling more adventurous?

As tends to be the case with anywhere one resides, on some days, you may be more in the mood for an adventure in close proximity to the elements, rather than a trip to the shopping centre or a meal out. For this purpose, you may be tempted by Aqualand Torremolinos – the largest waterpark in the Costa del Sol – or for something a bit wilder, the various zoos and aquariums in the region may also appeal.

With the finest in shopping, nightlife, sports, day trips and tours to enjoy, it’s unsurprising that the Costa del Sol remains such a draw for those seeking desirable properties in warm climes, whether they choose to live here on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.

For tailored assistance with finding the perfect Costa del Sol property, please contact Winkworth, one of the leading estate agents for the region.

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