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Property Services from Winkworth Spain

After years of supporting our clients with their purchases of property on the Costa del Sol, we know very well that the work doesn’t end on completion. Even though buying a property in Spain is a super exciting experience, there is lots to keep on top of once you receive the keys to your new home.

It’s hard to know where to begin when taking on a new home. From utilities set up, to removals, gardening and repairs. It may all seem quite overwhelming especially when you don’t speak the language and don’t have the right contacts in the area.

At Winkworth Spain, we offer a whole range of property services which will make managing your new home stress-free and easy, even when you can’t be here in the country yourself. Whether you need assistance with moving in, repairs and reforms, pool maintenance or simply checking that your property is safe and secure when you are not around – we’ve got you covered.

1. Moving Services

If you need assistance moving your belongings from one property to another or shipping your personal items from your home country, we can assist you with friendly, reliable removals or transport companies to get you in and settled in no time.

7. Reforms and Renovations

Undertaking a renovation project can be a full time job in itself. From finding reputable tradesman, to coordinating materials, timings, access and budgets it can be quite a task to manage alone. If you plan to embark on a home reform project, let us know and we can support you from start to finish.

2. Interior Design and Furnishings

You may be planning to completely redecorate and furnish your new home, in which case it is well worth using the services of an experienced interior designer who will take all the hassle out of transforming your new home, according to your own personal taste.

8. Legal Services

Navigating the Spanish legal system can be tricky business without the right contacts and advice. As a home owner in Spain, it is inevitable that at some stage you will need the support of a trusted legal professional to take care of some of life’s complexities. From writing wills, to immigration assistance, applying for licenses to resolving disputes. You can rely on us to connect you with a reputable lawyer to handle any of your legal needs.

3. Currency Exchange

To cover the ongoing costs of running your property, you may need to make regular currency transfers between your home country and Spain. To ensure you get the best possible exchange rates, it’s important to work with a Forex currency house so you know that you are not losing out on international transfer fees and will maximise the value of your transfers. We work with Smart Currency Exchange – you can find out more about them here.

9. Financial Services

Mortgages, pensions, insurances, accountancy and taxation can boggle the brain in any country, but when the language is completely foreign, confusion sets in. We collaborate with a number of Financial services providers who are experts in their field. For any of your finance related concerns, we can put you in touch with a qualified, verified professional who will guide you through the process in a language you understand.

4. Utilities Set Up

With the cost of supply increasing the world over, navigating the world of utilities set up in Spain can seem like a minefield. We can advise you on the best value electric, gas, water and internet suppliers and handle your account set ups to avoid any additional headache.

10. Property Inspections and Key Holding

Whether you are renting out your property or even if it remains empty for some of the year, it is highly advisable to schedule regular property inspections to ensure there are no nasty surprises for the next arrivals. We can check everything is working as it should, collect your post, ensure there are no leaks or damp, make sure your property is ventilated and even water your plants if you need it.

5. Gardening and Pool Cleaning

If you have the benefit of a garden and private pool it is inevitable that you will need some assistance with maintenance, unless of course you intend to spend a good few hours yourself each week keeping everything under control. The combination of long hot summers and heavy winter rains work wonders for Spanish gardens but can quickly transform a beautifully manicured plot into an unruly jungle and a crystal clear pool into a swamp. Speak to us about how we can keep your exteriors looking in tip-top condition throughout the year.

11. Cleaning and Laundry

Cleaning services and laundry are an essential part of holiday rental management, but equally when you come to stay in your own property you don’t want to spend the first few days of your visit slaving over the washing machine, mop and duster. Leave the hard work to us to ensure your home is clean and fresh at all times.

6. Repairs and Maintenance

Unfortunately, things don’t always work exactly as they should and there will come a time when you need to call on someone you trust to handle any repairs or maintenance. Whether you need a plumber, electrician, builder, handyman or tiler we have just the right person for the job.

12. Transport Services

If you need to co-ordinate airport transfers, car hire or local taxi rides, we have the contacts that will get you, your family or guests from A to B in a jiffy


You can choose as few or as many of the services we offer to create your
personalised property management package.



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