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Coastal areas of Spain are becoming an even bigger hotspot for British property buyers, with sales rising exponentially in 2016 when compared to the previous year.

Information gathered from the Spanish registrars points to the south-east coast of Spain as a particular hotspot. Research shows that this region has experienced resurgence in interest, particularly from British and other overseas buyers.

A nationwide boom

Almeria, a city in the south-east of Spain, may have experienced the biggest increase in property sales – up 93% when compared to the third quarter of 2015 – but the prosperity doesn’t end there. Sales figures have been growing modestly throughout Spain.

Many observers believe that the reason Almeria is enjoying such popularity is that it has remained largely untouched. During the 1960s, many high-rise developments were erected throughout Spain to help house as many British tourists as possible.

An area that did not see as much significant development of this kind was Almeria, which now stands as a more authentic representation of the traditional Spain.

Foreigners looking for value

Spain has always been popular among expatriates, but those interested in investing in Spanish property have had to contend with the recent decision of the British electorate to leave the EU.

This has taken its toll on the pound, which is bad news for those looking to buy property and their money, but great news for those expatriates who invested before the Brexit vote.

Buyers are now looking for value for money, and the south-east coast appears to have the asking prices that they seek. Such house-hunters aren’t necessarily looking for the holiday experience, but instead an authentically Spanish lifestyle.

Live in luxury under the scorching Spanish sun

Such a rise in popularity should come as no surprise. Spain has always been sought-after as both a holiday destination and home for expatriates. With a stunning villa in the heart of Costa del Sol, you will gain access to amazing beaches, a wealth of historical sites and several world-famous golfing venues.

Winkworth advertises a wide range of desirable apartments, villas and other properties, from which you can experience Spain in all of its beauty. Contact Winkworth today to learn more about many of the gorgeous houses for sale on the Costa del Sol right now.

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