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Spain featured as one of the top five retirement havens in the world according to the Global Retirement Index 2014 produced by retirement experts International Living in which they profile the best destinations for good-value living around the world today so to retire in Spain is not a bad idea.

Little wonder really as Spain is not only a safe place in which to invest in property, it is also a safe place to live in terms of personal security.

The report highlights the benefits of a Mediterranean diet and the excellent health care, both public and private, as well as the reasonable cost of day-to-day living expenses.

The biggest plus was cited as being the people and the lifestyle: ‘Warm and engaging, Spaniards believe in enjoying life, and they put a high value on friends and family. For rich, fulfilling living, it doesn’t get much better than this.’

There are many Spanish property bargains in Spain and along the coast of Spain between Malaga and Sotogrande you can pick up quality apartments from as low as €120,000 in real tourist destinations.

Even prior to the crisis, Spanish property was deemed the least expensive and remains true even till this day. Day to day expenses in Spain can be low and your budget can go a far way to a comfortable living.

The Spanish medical system, both private and public is excellent so getting sick should not pose any big problems.

Also, Spain is in the hub of Europe so there is quick access to the rest of Europe.

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