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The current situation surrounding the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown that suddenly evolved in Spain feels to many like a surreal experience, much like an episode from a television series that has become reality. The disruption to travel, social movement, business and everyday activities is clear, but if you look at it from a positive perspective you’ll find there really is a silver lining to the current crisis.

For many of us, modern life has become hurried, busy and filled with long lists of must-do items such as driving children around to their various activities, shopping, working long hours, keeping in touch with friends and family around the world, and attending to all those small and big things that make today’s way of life so hectic. The resulting roads filled with traffic, packed car parks and frustration at waiting around when we want rapid service doesn’t exactly make life easier.

So, if you think about it, the current lockdown gives us a pretty unique period of enforced R&R that in reality we are much in need of, not just in Europe but in large parts of the world. A lot of people will spend much of their time chatting online, watching television and putting on weight, but even this is a welcome slowing down from our usual rushed existence, and others will also use this unusual gift of time to do things they no longer get around to doing these days.

In other words, it’s a great opportunity to sort the house, fix those things you always wanted to, tend to the garden, cook, bake and read, do exercise and yoga (at home), and above all spend time with your loved ones. Why not play some non-digital games like we used to in the ‘old days’, chat or occasionally just enjoy a bit of peace and calm? Sit on the balcony and take in those views as you feel the sun on your skin. These are the little gifts that even a situation such as this can give us, and with it hopefully a renewed sense of perspective as things soon enough return to normal.