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US interest in Spanish property has increased by 25%

Statistics have shown that US investors in Spanish property have gone up by a quarter, as Spain becomes an ever-more popular destination for expats from America as well as Europe.

This increase comes after the surprising results of the latest presidential election, naming the real estate mogul Donald Trump as the new President-elect.

According to information gathered by a US online property seller, searches for homes in Spain experienced this huge spike over the four-week period following the reveal of the election results. The data shows that Barcelona City was the most popular search.

Enquiries regarding properties in Barcelona rose by 175% in the month following the elections, with Madrid also experiencing a rise in interest of 50%.

The Golden Visa scheme
Now might be the best time for Americans to consider moving to Spain, thanks to the Golden Visa scheme that has been implemented for non-EU citizens.

Legislation was passed in 2013 to introduce the Golden Visa scheme, which granted non-EU citizens with the opportunity of Spanish residency, the right to work in Spain, plus free travel throughout the Schengen area, the latter consisting of 26 countries.

All of this is available to those who invest at least €500,000 in Spanish property – great news for Americans seeking a new life in Spain in 2017.

Plus, with four new routes from America to Spain being made available by Norwegian Airlines, moving over to Spain has never been simpler – or cheaper.

Despite the widespread belief that Spanish property prices are likely to rise thanks to the increase in interest, Spanish property is still quite affordable at the moment. Spain has recently started to bring itself back to its former glory, after years of relatively subdued property sales.

Move from America and live in Spanish luxury
Winkworth advertises a plethora of attractive villas and apartments for sale on the Costa del Sol and beyond. The properties that we can offer are accommodating, beautiful and able to grant the buyer everything that they could possibly desire from a quintessential Spanish lifestyle.

To learn more about our currently available advertised properties, feel free to browse the Winkworth website or get in touch directly with our team today.

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