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Winkworth Spain is proud to announce that they have now acquired the domain name for use alongside their Spanish property web site as their url shortening service allowing custom branded short url’s for its customers and partners.

A URL Shortener is a web service that converts long URLS into shorter abbreviated alternatives and is based on redirection and is preferable for a number of reasons including shorter links in text messages and more reliable links in emails.

The acquisition of the two letter domain name allows Winkworth Spain to offer safer and more reliable short links for its customers so they are able to link to the Spanish properties for sale on the Winkworth Spain web site as well as other relevant property pages and at the same time allows Winkworth Spain to maintain its own branding.

The decision to acquire the domain name by Winkworth was made after a study found that online users were beginning to get wary of the main URL Shortener Services due to the spread of malicious links through those services.

Craig Edmonds on behalf of Winkworth said, “Winkworth is a brand synonymous with trust and the hope is that the introduction of gives Winkworth customers and partners the lasting impression of trust in the online marketplace by contributing to a safer online experience”.

About Winkworth Spain
Winkworth Spain draws on over 175 years of experience in the real estate market and is a trusted name in the UK real estate marketplace. With over 90 offices in the UK, with associates in France, Portugal, Switzerland, China and Italy, the Spanish property office has the backing and professional standards brought down through a huge network of real estate professionals.

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