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Marbella, fantastic quality of life in a beautiful setting

Every country and region of the world experiences cycles of economic life, enjoying boom times that are inevitably followed by periods of cooling down, and sometimes even tough recessions.

This fact of life applies to luxury destinations such as Marbella just as it does large urban and business centres around the world. However, though this region has also lived through tough times, notably the financial crisis of 2009-2013, through it all Marbella retains an evergreen appeal that runs so deep that it always regains vitality with impressive speed and energy.

This is because, while other regions of Europe and the world depend upon economic production and the ability to provide jobs and a conventional living and working environment, Marbella is one of those rare spots that offers something we all desire – a fantastic quality of life in a beautiful setting. It all begins with a beautiful setting upon the Mediterranean Sea that is made up not only of beaches and coves, but also green valleys, wooded hills and soaring mountain ranges. The climate of the Costa del Sol is another key ingredient, offering an outdoor lifestyle for sport and socialising with well over 300 sunny days a year.

Quality of life
Together with the seductive wealth of Spanish and Andalusian culture, a healthy, delicious cuisine and the proximity of beautiful historic cities such as Málaga, Seville, Cádiz and Granada, not to mention a lively, cosmopolitan vibe, this translates into a place where you can enjoy the finest five-star luxury services and amenities, international fine dining, shopping, sports and spa facilities, along with a gentle pace of life. Nature, culture, sports and entertainment all come together in a privileged setting that has been sought after by an international elite since the 1950s. Throughout this period, the Marbella area has expanded and developed, but always retained a certain essence of charm, elegance and excitement.

This is also visible in the properties of Marbella, which have also followed and created their own interpretation of architectural and stylistic trends to produce a selection of homes and locations that ranks among the most desirable in Europe. It is this desirability that is at the heart of Marbella’s evergreen popularity and the keen demand for the lifestyle it offers – and as time passes this singular quality will only continue to gain value.

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