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Prepare your home for a sunny Spanish winter

Apart from a few sporadic days of rain, the weather on the Costa del Sol during winter doesn’t normally require residents to don thermal under clothes and turn the heating up high. The unique microclimate that exists in this part of Andalucía ensures that a great deal of November, December and January here can still be spent outside and under blue skies.

Temperatures rarely fall below 11 degrees in Marbella and the surrounding area, and when the sun is shining, which is most of the time, you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone shivering. Locals will proudly report incidents of unexpected sunburn during alfresco lunches, and it’s not unusual to find people swimming in the sea on Christmas Day and the morning of New Years Eve.

However if you are organised and like to keep an eye on the monthly budget, it’s worth taking a few steps to ensure a property is ready for any unexpected cold spells and heat isn’t lost through cracks under the door. So check the quick tips below and then grab your sunglasses, raincoat, scarf and leg warmers; you might not need them all but it’s good to be prepared!

Check heating systems work!
As all heating and air conditioning systems need to be checked periodically, make sure you test the heating gauge if you haven’t used it for some time. If you are new to your property and have any concerns about the boiler then this should be a priority as no one really wants to have a cold shower in December, no matter how sunny it is outside.

Deal with draughts
It’s a good idea to fix weather stripping or a draft excluder to any areas likely to allow draughts and flurries or cold air into your home. The most likely culprit will be under the front door and fixing material insulators to cover these gaps will help keep warm air in and save money on heating bills.

Get the portable radiator out of storage
Portable radiators are a perfect solution to warming a room or apartment for short periods of time and they are cost effective. A movable gas or electric radiator will create a more pleasant type of heat to a general air conditioning and heating unit. They warm up quickly and are energy efficient.

Roll out the rugs
As the majority of people in this part of southern Spain live in a property with marble flooring it will help immediately to lay down some rugs to warm bare feet and bring some colour to your rooms.

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