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After years of supporting our clients with their purchases of property on the Costa del Sol, we know very well that the work doesn’t end on completion. Even though buying a property in Spain is a super exciting experience, there is lots to keep on top of once you receive the keys to your new home. However, whilst buying a property in your home country can be daunting, buying a property overseas where the laws, customs and language are unfamiliar can seem completely overwhelming. Whilst the principles of purchase are likely to be very similar to what you are used to, the process and procedures may seem confusing.

It’s hard to know where to begin when taking on a new home. From utilities set up, to removals, gardening and repairs. It may all seem quite overwhelming especially when you don’t speak the language and don’t have the right contacts in the area.

At Winkworth Spain, we offer a whole range of property services which will make managing your new home stress-free and easy, even when you can’t be here in the country yourself. Whether you need assistance with moving in, repairs and reforms, pool maintenance or simply checking that your property is safe and secure when you are not around – we’ve got you covered.

Property Services from Winkworth Spain


You can choose as few or as many of the services we offer to create your personalised property management package.