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San Jose College

Colegio San José, based both in Estepona and San Pedro de Alcántara, is a privately managed, secular bilingual education centre that is not state funded, and provides for all educational levels; Infant School, Primary School, Secondary School (Educación Secundaria Obligatoria) and Sixth Form Study (Bachillerato).

Its methods are modelled on nearly two centuries of history which have defined principals and personal qualities that aid emotional and intellectual growth in every pupil.

Primary – San Pedro de Alcántara/Marbella

Secondary – Estepona

“Colegio San José has the experience of almost two centuries of history behind it, developing and focusing its ideals in teaching the importance of values, dreams and individual objectives. This way our pupils will have the opportunity to form their own personalities, and be responsible for their actions, free to make their own choices in life and create their own future.”