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Summer Excitement

Summer Excitement & Investment Opportunities on the Costa del Sol

Dive into Summer 2024 with Open Pools and More!

Exciting news for all our clients and readers as we step into the vibrant summer season of 2024! The Junta de Andalucía has given the green light for swimming pools across the Costa del Sol to be refilled, adhering to the water use limitations set at 225 litres per person per day. This includes popular areas such as Marbella, Guadalmina, Benahavís, and Estepona. What better way to escape the summer heat than a refreshing dip in the pool? It’s time to dive back into summer fun!

Why Invest in Costa del Sol Real Estate Now?

The Costa del Sol real estate market is currently experiencing a significant boom, making it the perfect moment for potential investors. Here’s a closer look at what makes this market so appealing:

Robust Demand: The region continues to attract international buyers, keeping the property demand high and ensuring robust investment returns.

Stable Pricing: Despite global economic fluctuations, Costa del Sol’s property market has shown remarkable price stability, with some locales even noting value growth.

Luxury Living: The luxury property market here flourishes, drawing in affluent buyers looking for high-end living experiences.

Capitalise on Favourable Currency Exchange Rates

For our UK clientele, now is an opportune moment to invest, thanks to the pound-to-euro exchange rate reaching a 10-day high. This favourable rate enhances your buying power, making it a strategic time to invest in Spanish real estate. Keeping an eye on these rates can significantly enhance the value you get from your investments.

We’ve partnered with FCA-authorised Smart Currency Exchange to ensure that you benefit from the very best exchange rates when transferring between currencies, so if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Emerging Costa del Sol Hotspots: Manilva and Casares

Expand your horizons by exploring emerging real estate hotspots on the Costa del Sol—Manilva and Casares. These areas offer the same high quality of life with stunning vistas and lower prices, making them ideal for investment:

Manilva: Manilva, a hidden gem along the Costa del Sol, is rapidly emerging as a preferred destination for property investments due to its unique blend of natural beauty, serene environment, and affordability. Nestled between the more crowded tourist spots, this coastal town offers a retreat into a quieter, more laid-back lifestyle without straying too far from the vibrant social and cultural scenes of its neighbouring areas.

Casares: Casares, nestled between the rugged Sierra Bermeja mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, is an enchanting village known for its pristine white-washed houses and medieval architecture. With properties starting from an attractive price point, Casares offers a compelling mix for those considering real estate investment along the Costa del Sol.

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