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Why use a sole real estate agent?

The Costa del Sol has been a favourite of overseas buyers for decades and continues to hold a great attraction for those seeking either to start a new life in the sun or as a second home in this most appealing part of Spain.

Buying a home here can seem a daunting prospect, which is where using a reputable real estate agent becomes invaluable. With so many agents to choose from, why put your trust in just one agent to find the property which perfectly suits your needs?

This is the number one factor in deciding to dedicate your search with us. We are part of a large established and respected network in the UK so clients can be secure in the knowledge that we aren’t just another layman taking advantage of the local market. We are professional real estate agents with long experience in both the UK and Spanish real estate industry, and have to live up to high standards to carry the Winkworth name.

It may seem obvious, however if you don’t have a good connection with your real estate agent, it will be harder to communicate your property needs, and it makes the entire process of property searching frustrating and ultimately fruitless. Using several agents in your search hampers the development of rapport and could mean spending time seeing properties that don’t represent your wishes due to bad communication.

Area specialisations
We have visited and lived in this area for over 20 years and are consequently very familiar with both the variety of properties available and the range of great facilities in the community. We are always delighted to share this knowledge in order to make your decision to buy in this area even more rewarding.

Huge portfolio of properties
It is not always understood that the majority of properties for sale on the Costa del Sol are available through a Multi-Listings Service, meaning that it is unlikely that buyers will benefit from substantially more choice by using several estate agents. We have the huge range of properties that are available to all, as well as our own exclusive listings, which aren’t on the market with anyone else as sellers place their trust in us as a sole agent.

The UK connection
We deliver the best of all worlds – a sound local knowledge built on our experience of living and working on the Costa del Sol as well as extensive experience of working in the UK real estate market. We understand your terminology and speak your language, not to mention share the same way of thinking.

We would be delighted to discuss further how we could help you in your search for the perfect property, please contact us for more information about Marbella property and the surrounding areas.